We have a system suitable for sport halls–

As a tested surface to indoor sport facilitis, Alsagym is suitable for all types of sport halls and other iside buildings. The unique point elasticity, abrasion resistance and appropriate structure make Alsagym meet all the requirements of public institutions: schools, hospitals, sport clubs, while meeting the international safety standards as well. Our Alsagym sport halls systems meet International Handball Federation as well. 

High quality and selection of proper sport hall surface are vital both to meet the safety standards (depending on adaptation - office or sport spaces) and meet quality and technical conditions laid by sportmen, sport organisations and the investor. Coosing the right base layer of Alsagym surface by using the flexible or rigid elastomers enables adjusting the surface to all client's technical and quality requirements.

Depending on demand:

Sport-elastic properties
Optimal for children and youth games

Suitable elastic properties
For all types of sport games, especially for games with high jumping proportion, such as handball, volleyball and badminton.

Expanded spot-elastic properties
For increased reflectivity, elastic properties and low usage while roller-skates and bikes burden.