A perfect solution for running tracks –

Alsatan® polyurethane surfaces, thanks to its optimally chosen recepies, have many applications, starting from small school playing fields, to large certified athletic facilities. Alsatan® polyurethane systems are particularly resistant to usage, safe and flexible, perfect for sport surfaces, they are the basis of success in sport. Alsatan® surfaces have cerfiticates compliant with DIN i EN, as well as IAAF certificate (International Association of Athletics Federations).

Compact, durable and water impermeable
sport surfaces system destined for
competitive sports.
Made of three layers: soft polyurethane
elastomer mixed with black rubber granulate
and coloured EPDM granules.

Water permeable surface made by spraying, with a soft pleasant to touch compact structure. The base layer is made of binding and black SBR rubber granules, whereas top coat is made with spraying method – from one-component polyurethane and EPDM granulate mixture. Economic surface for sport objects in schhols, providing great security with universal use in different sports.

Sandwich type polyurethane surface, water impermeable, soft, resistant to shoes with spikes. Flexible, base layer made of SBR granules is sealed with polyurethane binder, whereas the top layer is covered with two-component polyurethane and EPDM granules. System suitable for running tracks and playing fields.

Two-layer, water permeable, soft surface
with a high quality.
Two layers of the surface made of
rubber granules mixed with polyurethane binder.
The base layer is based on black rubber
SBR granules and the top layer is based on
coloured EPDM granules.
This is an all-weather surface whcih can be used universally on school playing fields
and tennis courts.


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